“I know what I think when I hear myself speak.”

Yarnle is a listening service that helps people and organisations identify problem/needs & frames them into a user story to set up an encounter that triggers the learning response of ‘thinking about thinking’.

 Built on the idea that ‘I know what I think when I hear myself speak’,  a trained interviewer accesses a repository of questions.  With an emphasis on ‘deep hearing’, highly relevant questions are used in the production of a video recording and typed transcript of the encounter to assist meta cognitive processes that helps, for example a business identify a problem or opportunity, an individual address a problem or life goal and a charity or not for profit organisation leader do good.

Why an experienced business manager invented Yarnle?

Edit-4554-150x150I learned to believe in the power of structured conversation first as a manager of a high-tech company and later when working as a drug & alcohol counsellor and on a helpline for parents of youth facing mental health issues.  I observed how as people talked about their concerns that empathic and focused listening helped move towards solutions.  


I discovered, as a manager, that interviewing my staff having researched and developed a best practice set of questions for the situation at hand, using reflective listening, faithfully recording a person’s words and then publishing those words for our team to consider boosted the pace and quality of business improvement.  


Later on adding a video and transcript to consulting interviews enhanced the effect. I wanted to make that happen for as many people as possible.  I could see that technology offered a way of doing this effectively and affordably for the first time in human history. This could be my contribution.

Yarnle Director, Jeremy C. Noble



Clarifying Ideas

Yarnle is conceived as a short pithy online video interview that helps get your ideas clear about a task, problem or opportunity.  Yarnle provides the opportunity for a LIFE CHANGING CONVERSATION OVER THE INTERNET. 

 Reflective Listening

Many helpful services can be added to Yarnle – a whole conversation transcript, a ‘Yarnalysis’ to help make best use of what you said using one of our conversation experts and it’s all on video so you can refer to it forever.

 It’s All Online

We use smartphones, tablets and your desktop to structure a ‘learning journey’ through effective conversations
 We do this to provide structured conversations in an affordable way and provide skilled facilitators who able to able to listen to you effectively. 

 21st Century Skills

Meta cognitive processes are a valuable skill in a digital age. They are essential, for example, for businesses when identify a problem or opportunity, an individual addressing a problem or life goal and a not for profit organisation fundraising.

 A Simple Process

By taking your problem/needs and framing them into a user story, trained interviewers ask effective questions to assist meta cognitive processes that help you discover where you are, where you want to go and how you might reach your goal.

 Trusted Partners

Often the customer wants to take action of some kind.  This will involve enrolment with partners which might include business advisors, consultants, psychologists and financial planners.


What do I need to Yarn about?

As a job applicant I want to show my best side to a potential employer!

What’s special feature of Yarnle do I use?

Surprise your recruiter with a snappy video of you answering the three most popular recruiter questions with our Yarnle to Go option.

What’s the benefit of my Yarnle to me?

You get a tightly scripted and professionally produced video and transcript to include with your CV. Let people see who you are more easily and improve your chances of interview

Preparing for a doctor’s appointment

Complete our ‘Hi Doc’ Yarnle as you prepare for an important Doctor’s appointment.

What are your symptoms?

What has been happening for you?

What questions do you want your doctor to answer?

Use our two step process

1) Trigger your symptoms after conversation with us then

2) Complete your Yarnle.

You get a video of the conversation and a transcript to help you communicate effectively.

I’ve just got a job interview and really need to practice my answers?

What questions will I be asked?

What is the best answer?

Yarnle has hundreds of question templates to prepare you for interview. Yarnies have ranked these questionnaires according to effectiveness.  Our skilled interviewers will give you feedback on how you went.

I get to practice my job interview in an easy, convenient, effective and very affordable way.

Telling someone you love them

Can’t find the right words to tell someone you love them?

Complete one of our Big Hearted Yarnles.

Use a Yarnle with a proven success formula? A bit insecure in English? Complete a Yarnle in your own language and we will translate it?

Leave nothing to chance in Lurve! Complete a Yarnle.

Winning an argument!

Lost for words because you’re so angry?

Use our two-step process to figure out why you are so furious, and then communicate it clearly and effectively using an approach crafted by psychologists and proven in conflict resolution situations. Assert yourself!.

You can send your concerned message to the person you are angry with – or use the transcript to help you assert yourself.



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